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The Cité des Géométries (in French the City of Geometries) is an association for the promotion of the scientific culture, and especially the mathematical culture. The City of Geometries was created and is being developed since 1998 in the Maubeuge area ( or “Val de Sambre”). Located in the heart of Northern Europe, in Jeumont (France) near Lille and Valencinnes, as well as Brussels and Mons, the City of Geometries is, thanks to information technology, open to the world.

The City of Geometries dedicates itself to the relationship between man and science for a common benefit: showing how necessary it is to increase our knowledge, to promote its sharing, to indentify tomorrow’s needs, and to discover various ways of teaching and learning science. Geometry is the key which gives access to all these subjects. It is a branch of mathematics that man has always relied on in order to comprehend his world, to apprehend the real. Overtly, or hidden from view, it penetrates every science, from quantum physics to molecular chemistry; every technology from medicine to aeronautics, every art branch from painting to architecture.

The threefold mission of the City of Geometries ( scientific, artistic, pedagogic), falls within the framework of local and regional development. The accomplishments of the association (colloquiums, summer schools) have proven its ability to attract high level competences. With the projects it sets up, the City of Geometry strengthens the local population’s ambitions and creativity. The association is permanently hosting 3 "invited mathematicians" from Lille University of Science, who spend a several months period working for the Cité. In addition, they take the collaboration of artists, clowns, theatre actors, and other non-academic professionals to make a joint project.

Recent projects

Public exhibitions

  • Petit carré deviendra cube
  • Machines mathématiques
  • Reflexions & Reflexions

Workshops for scholars and students, public performances and science-math plays

  • Elle est Mathophile !
  • Pilouface, quand les clowns tombent sur la tranche

Theater performance

Mathématiques C/Furieuses, created with the clown-scientists company l'Île Logique and with students of the Vauban college (Maubeuge) in 2014

Besides, other new digital science workshops for kinds and teenagers.