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IMAGINARY Conference on Open and Collaborative Communication of Mathematical Research 2016 (IC16) was an interdisciplinary gathering for mathematicians, communicators and interested professionals to discuss and work together on current issues of communication and knowledge transfer in mathematics.

This conference was organized by IMAGINARY and supported by Volkswagen Foundation. It was held in Berlin (Germany) from 20 - 23 July, 2016.

IC16 Conference


Invited Speakers

Jürgen Richter-Gebert. Fast Prototyping of Interactive Mathematical Content.

Some tools for fast prototyping of exhibits were presented (Cinderella)...

Hermann Karcher. 3D Xplormath: More than 300 mathematical objects, all with animations and explanations.

Eugenia Cheng. How to Bake Pi.

Henry Segerman. Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing: Augmenting a traditional book with new media & editing spherical video with Möbius and other transformations.

Other Talks

Christine Von Renesse. Discovering the Art of Mathematics.

Daniel Lordick. Utilization of mathematical model collections for multidisciplinary research and knowledge transfer.

Mateja Budin. Designing spatial visualization tasks.

Axel Kilian. Example of a Self-Contained e-Lecture

Jasna BoškoviC and Tatjana StankoviC. Massword path.

Workshop "Massword path" shows how mathematics, cryptography and art can be connected and implemented in teaching curriculum. Involving participants through hands on activities in visual presentation of passwords provides deeper understanding of real life security situations in online enviroment.

2D and 3D visualization, creation of exhibits and agile design and tools for mathematics communication

Aubin Arroyo. Around Wild Knots.

Ana Cristina Oliveira. Atractor: Visualization of mathematics using 3D televisions and realistic virtual exhibits.

Gabriel Kelemen. The Algorithm of Fluid Geometries - The Universality of Sphere-Vortex Archetype.

Enric Brasó and Rinus Roelofs. The self-sustaining domes by Leonardo.

IMAGINARY around the world

Hyungju Park. IMAGINARY in Korea.

Presented about NIMS-IMAGINARY exhibition in ICM 2014, operating a permanent IMAGINARY exhibition in Korea and achievements they have made during the last 2 years.

Rosita Yocgo. IMAGINARY in Africa.

Shared experience and challenges of IMAGINARY exhibitions in different parts of Africa and future perspectives.

Paul Igodt. IMAGINARY in Belgium.

Presenter shared information based upon experience of a traveling IMAGINARY exhibition in Belgium.

Diego Armentano and Mariana Pereira. IMAGINARY in Uruguay.

An overview of IMAGINARY expositions in Uruguay during 2015 was presented.

Community, networking and legal aspects

Alessandro Cattaneo. Mathematics down to Earth: A game of cartography.

Diana White and Janine McIntosh. Mathematics Outreach International.

Marcos Bracco. Derivas Matematicas.

Cindy Lawrence and Alice Peters. Taking it to the Streets: The value of large public math demonstrations & Math Made Real: it‘s not just for preschool anymore!.

Mathematical Writing, Journalism and Media

Jean-Paul Truc. Evolution of the mathematical journal Quadrature (1989-2016).

Moritz Firsching and Johannes Niediek. Communicating modern mathematics to a wide audience: snapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach.

Victor Pessers. An alternative way to share mathematical knowledge.


Andrea Capozucca and Silvia Benvenuti. Resource collection for a curriculum of a University maths/science communication course.

Ester Dalvit, Marie-Curie-Indam. Spherical geometry in a science museum.

Robin Jamet. Sorting balls / algorithme de tri mécanique.

Philipp Legner. Smartphones in exhibitions.

Daniel Ramos. Wikimathcom.

Mark Roberts. Inspiring mathematics in Africa.

Andrès Sosa.Mathematical education TV program.

Helen Yu and Rinus Roelofs. Developing the guidebook of elevated polyhedra: communicating mathematics with art.

Bianca Violet and Oliver Labs. The SURFER book.

Norman Friedenberger and Albert Haase. Developing a concept for a cutting-edge exhibition on mathematics and music.

Cedric Villani, Alexander Werlberger and Sebastian Uribe. Augmented reality concepts using Holo Lens in mathematics communication.

MathLapse award ceremony and film night