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This is a container page that serves to add temporarily new projects while waiting to have its own page. If you find a project that you consider that should be on this WikiMathCom, but you don't have time now to investigate more or to write an article, you can just add it to the list below with a link or a reference to be checked later.

Items should not stay for long in this page. Sections are just to maintain a certain order, each article can be later assigned to one or more categories.

Traveling, temporary and virtual exhibitions

Math outreach organizations

Web resources


Mathematical artifacts shops

  • Lénart Sphere
  • Vismath
  • Zometool
  • Maths gear
  • Polydron
  • Itsphun (Itsphun Europe). Interlocking Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, and Hexagons Using Notches.
  • Rootuit
  • Mathartfun, Tessellations
  • Magformers
  • Nervous System. A design studio that combines scientific research, computer graphics, mathematics, and digital fabrication to design and manufacture interesting objects such as jewelry, lamps, puzzles, houseware, sculptures and more.
  • Lab of math machines. This is centre at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, they also construct and sell machines through the association Macchine Matematiche
  • Wunderholz sells Tensegrity toys and other educational toys.
  • Miramodus Molecular Models (previously Beevers Molecular Models), build and supply balls and spokes models of molecules, crystals, and other structures. Based in Edinburgh (UK).
  • Findel Education Resources is a UK supplier of educational resources and hands-on modules for primary and secondary education. Its mathematics sections contains more than a hundred products.
  • MathLove (and SpielMathe), a Korean manufacturer of educational math toys and math puzzles.
  • MathMaker, hand-made wooden models of polyhedra and other math puzzles, for education or decorative purposes.
  • Fibonacci clocks. Clocks for sale whose actions illustrate mathematical principles in beautiful ways.
  • Jegro.

Exhibits manufacturers

Math in the city

Collaboration projects



Math communication in France

Science outreach connected to mathematics

Support to education