Maison Poincaré

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Math Museum
Maison Poincaré
City Paris
Country France
Opening year N/A
Exhibition surface 2 000 m2 (outdoors and indoors)
N. of exhibits
N. of visitors (yearly)
Address 11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris (France)

The Maison Poincaré (also known as Musée Poincaré-Perrin or Maison des Mathématiques) is a future math museum located in Paris, France. The museum will be affiliated to the Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) and it will be located in the old Physical Chemistry laboratory (Jean Perrin building), which is located in front of the IHP headquarters inside the Pierre et Marie Curie University campus, in Paris city center.

The space aims to be a convivial place of exchange of ideas, an interdisciplinary meeting point for researchers and academics, and a link between mathematics, the general public, and society. Renovation works in the Jean Perrin building are ongoing and the opening is expected by 2022.