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Math Museum
City N/A
Country United Kingdom
Opening year N/A
Exhibition surface N/A
N. of exhibits 20
N. of visitors (yearly) 8 000 (at fairs, etc)
Address N/A

MathsWorldUK is a registered company and a registered charity on the United Kingdom, with the mission to create the first major exploratorium of mathematics in the UK. This exploratorium will be designed to showcase mathematics and its applications, containing a mixture of hands-on and electronic activity and displays, and aimed and engaging for all ages. The location of this exploratorium is not yet decided, but it will be a major centre of population in the UK.

Up to 2016, two large pieces of equipment and some smaller exhibits are ready. During 2014-15, MathsWorldUK has organized stalls at:

  • IMA Festival of Maths (Manchester).
  • Big Bang (NEC Birmingham).
  • Festival of Science (Leeds).
  • British Science Festival (Bradford).
  • Bloomsbury festival (London).

On September 1-3, 2016, MathsWorldUK organized, jointly with MoMath and the University of Leeds, the MATRIX Conference 2016.

Currently (2019), the team organizes around 8-10 fairs and temporary exhibitions per year.

Selected exhibits