The Mathenaeum

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The Mathenaeum
On display at National Museum of Mathematics
Type Hands-on
Topics Polyhedra, symmetries


A pavilion with three interactive stations, allowing for the development of three dimensional shapes using several modes of transformation.

Activities and user interaction

Select from a palette of operations to transform basic shapes into unique three-dimensional sculptures. Visitors can add interest with color and pattern choices as well as choices of node and edge elements.

Mathematical background

The Mathenaeum allows for a deep and intuitive exploration of 3-D shapes. Of particular mathematical interest are the regular polyhedra and the transformations between them.

History and museology

The core experience of the Mathenaeum is a software program. While it could conceivably be experienced with a computer alone, the addition of a unique and engaging user interface and an interesting, embracing architectural surround create a memorable physical interaction and a forum for shared experience.