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Math Museum
Arkimedeion (CLOSED)
City Syracuse
Country Italy
Opening year December 12th, 2012
Exhibition surface N/A
N. of exhibits N/A
N. of visitors (yearly) N/A
Address Museo Arkimedeion
Piazza Archimede 11 – Palazzo Pupillo
96100 – Siracusa (SR) (ITALY)

Arkimedeion was a math and science museum in Syracuse (Italy) dedicated to Archimedes,who lived in Sicily between 287 and 212 BC.

The museography was commissioned to Jorge Waggensberg, long-time director of Barcelona's science museum CosmoCaixa.

The museum was closed in 2015.


  • Museum's website (dead link).
  • Note on the contractor's site (Syremont): [1] (original in Italian [2]).