Geometria Intuitiva e Interativa

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Geometria Intuitiva e Interativa (Gi2) is an education project by the Mathematics department of the University of Lisbon. It consists on a web platform and a physical math laboratory for the education of elementary geometry. The project is aimed to basic and secondary school teachers and students, improving the teachers training on geometry, end organizing activities for pupils. Gi2 proposes a balance between intuitive and deductive approaches in the teaching of geometry, and the promotion of the use of new technologies in the school. Gi2 is fundamented on the ideas of the didactician Emma Castelnuovo in her 1948 book "Geometria interativa".

The project is sustented on two bases: the web portal and the laboratory. The web portal is public and contains several geometric experiences. The underlying technology is GeoGebra applets, prepared to experience elementary properties, creative constructions, and challenges and activites. The laboratory is physically located in the science faculty of the University of Lisbon, and it receives teachers for training and students for 120 minutes sessions.