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Maison des Maths was a math museum in Quaregnon (Belgium). Rebranded later as Maison des Maths et du Numérique, and later as Kaleidi.



In September 2015, the city of Quaregnon (Belgium) will open the first math museum in the country, the Maison des Maths (House of Maths). Aiming to schoolchilds, students and undergraduates through guided visits, but also to families and general public during weekends, the museum will offer concrete and experimental mathematics, but also history and people behind the mathematics.

The project is inspired and developed in collaboration with other well-established math museums. Especially the Mathematikum of Giessen (Germany), that will provide experience and infrastructure, and also the MoMath of New York (USA) and Fermat Science of Beaumont de Lomagne (France).

The founders of MdM are a group of enthusiast math teachers; and the local expertise is grounded by the non-profit association Entr’aide. Entr’aide (inter-help) is a socio-pedagogic project from more than 180 math teachers to support students with difficulties in their math studies, with actions ranging from personal training and workshops to the development of didactical material and close collaboration with schools.

A first “preview” of the future MdM is already open to the public in the city of Mons, a 100 m^2 exhibition called “Petite Maison des Maths”. This is a teaser of the full Maison des maths that will occupy 1400 m^2 inside a public parc in Quaregnon.

The Maison des Maths aims to be a place to feel, touch, visualize and hear mathematics, to experiment, get insights and integrate them in life. MdM are also initials for Manipuler, Découvrir, Modéliser (Handle, Discover, Modelize), which makes for the motto of the museum.