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MathC2+ is a program in French universities aimed to bring secondary-school (collège and lycée) children from 4ème to 1ère courses (13-16 years old) to meet living mathematics inside the math laboratories at the univerisities. The program consists on stays of 2 days to one week of workshops and talks conducted by volunteering members of the laboratories.

France (and certainly many other countries) have difficulties to have the scientists it needs. The aim of the MathC2+ project is to reconquest new territories. This reconquest is geographic but not only. It focuses on children that do not have a natural access to science, for social or geographic reasons.

MAthC2 is a project initiated and coordinated by Animath. Selection of students, elaboration of the program and organisation of the stay are organized independently by each laboratory often with the help of local Institut de recherches sur l'enseignement des mathématiques (IREM, Research institute for teachning in mathematics).