Math communication in Portugal

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List of projects in Portugal:






  • The project Matematica em Acção produced adaptations and translations of Project Mathematics!, a collection of films by Tom M. Apostol:
    • The Theorem of Pythagoras, The Story of Pi, Similarity, Polynomials, The Tunnel of Samos, Sines and Cosines (Part I, II and III), and Early History of Mathematics.
    • In Portuguese: O Teorema de Pitágoras, A História do Pi, Semelhanças , Polinómios, O Túnel de Samos, Senos e Cosenos (Partes I, II e III) e Os Primórdios da História da Matemática.
    • A história do Pi. Um hipervídeo de matemática. 2001. Adaptation of A story of Pi, by Tom M. Apostol.
  • LPDJLQH D VHFUHW (Imagine a secret). A film about cryptography and modular curves. Available in IMAGINARY.
  • Symmetry, the dynamical way, by Atractor.
  • VideoMath Festival at ICM'98. Hans-Christian Hege, Konrad Polthier (Eds).
  • O encanto matemático das bolas de sabão. Andreas Arnez, Konrad Polthier, Martin Steffens, Christian Teitzel.
  • Video and multimedia at 3ecm Barcelona 2000. Sebastià Xambó-Descamps, Santiago Zarzuela.
  • Matheon Image films 2010.
  • Not Knot (The Geometry Center).