MiMa - Museum für Mineralien und Mathematik

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Math Museum
MiMa – Museum für Mineralien und Mathematik
City Oberwolfach
Country Germany
Opening year January 2010 for math section
(minerals museum is older)
Exhibition surface 100 m2 (math section)
N. of exhibits 10
N. of visitors (yearly) 8 000
Address Schulstraße 5,
77709 Oberwolfach (Germany)
Web http://www.mima.museum

MiMa museum added a math section due to the neighboring Institute of Mathematical Research of Oberwolfach (MFO). That section opened as a permanent showcase of the successful exhibition IMAGINARY - Through the eyes of mathematics, but it also included other material. Exhibits consist of 3 hands-on, a gallery with 24 images, 5 touchscreens with over 35 apps and videos, and a glass case with 39 small sculptures.

Selected exhibits