Regards dans les espaces de dimension 3

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This exhibition Regards dans les espaces de dimension 3 (looks inside the 3-dimensional spaces) is made by artists and scientists, in collaboration between France and Brazil. They propose an interactive exhibition on the concept of space 3-dimensional mathematics. It consists of a set of videos and interactive installations illustrating this concept under the lighting of the geometric theorem of Thurston Perelman (2003). To give the flavor of some of the basic concepts involved, instead of traditionally used textual media, a language based on feelings, particularly visual, but also auditory, is used. The objective is to present purely geometrical ideas.

Past representations

  • March 2013: in the forum of the university Paris 13. In coordination with the Rencontres CNRS Jeunes Sciences et Citoyens Ile-de-France 2013 organised by [Association Sciences ouvertes].
  • October 2013: in the forum of the university Paris 13 during the festival savante banlieue.
  • October 2013: Issy-les-Moulineaux, during the year of mathematics.
  • July 2016: Berlin (Germany), during the 7th European Congress of Mathematicians (7ECM).