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World of Mathematics is a math museum in Saint Petersburg (Russia). The museum opened on October 26, 2014, coinciding with a celebration of Martin Gardner birth centennial (Oct 21).

Highlighted activities

  1. Martin Gardner's Day (October 2014). The Day included a presentation about Gardner, mathematical cafe, where the menu offered various Gardner problems to feed one's braing, and the exhibition of Gardner's books in Russian, which were also offered for sale.
  2. Second annual Pi Day (March 14, 2015). The museum's guests were offered a variety of mathematical games (for younger kids) and more elaborated math problem solving activities (for middle and high school students).
  3. Presentation of the museum (March 2015) to more than 300 educators, who participated in the 5th annual International Educational Forum in St. Petersburg.
  4. Series of engineering master classes (winter and spring 2015) for the kids of 7-12 years of age, as a part of the museum's goal to be more involved in STEM education in Russia.
  5. First children birthday party on the premises of the museum (January of 2015). This genre turned out to be quite successful. Kids helped pirates to find a treaure by solving math puzzles and problems.
  6. Throughout the 2014-15 school year; first museum objects made by students: Leonardo Bridge, Klein bottle, Moebius Strip, and several wooden conundrums.
  7. Traveling exhibition of the museum (June-July 2015), as a part of the all-Russia STEM summer school.