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Welcome to WikiMathCom

WikiMathCom is a wiki aimed to collect all projects and resources about math communication, such as math museums, exhibits, books, films, fairs, performances, etc. WikiMathCom is a project supported by IMAGINARY, and it belongs to all the math outreach community.

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International projects
Projects by country

What is the goal of WikiMathCom?

The main goal is to collect all projects on math communication worldwide, structured and organized for the use of professionals of math dissemination (although it is public and open to any enthusiast).

One purpose of this collection is to encourage the interaction and collaboration between different projects. It can serve to compare and establish relations (e.g. first authorship of an exhibit and derivated exhibits, tracing back ideas, comparing different approaches on the same topic, etc). This way, a second purpose is to be a base for research in didactics and in science communication.


You can get an idea of this site looking at the list of all pages.

The Limbo is a big box to put temporarily stuff to be added to WikiMathCom. Start there if you have information you wish to contribute with.

Read the guidelines of this wiki at the WikiMathCom:About.